Below are all open RFPs. Please contact the appropriate person listed within each RFP with questions you may have. Questions received from bidders will be posted to this website, along with the answers and will be updated regularly until RFPs are closed.

SNACK FOOD DISTRIBUTION RFP #SN17.18-19.20  - deadline was 5/2/17 at 12p

STAPLE FOODS DISTRIBUTION RFP #ST17.18-19.20 - deadline was 5/2/17 at 12p

DAIRY DISTRIBUTION RFP #D17.18-19.20 - deadline was 5/2/17 at 12p

VENDED FOOD PRODUCTS RFP #VEN17.18-19.20 - deadline was 4/18/17 at 12:00pm


If you are having technical difficulties accessing the bids, please contact Leeza at