Healthy Ever After!

Healthy Ever After (HEA) is a program sponsored by Torrance Memorial Medical Center. HEA was created for Torrance Unified School District’s Elementary Schools to promote healthy eating and lifestyles for children and youth in the community. The goal of HEA is to teach kids how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Parent volunteers and dietetic interns teach the nutrition education lesson to all students at elementary schools. HEA consists of four nutrition lessons per school year that are accompanied by a healthy snack. These snacks expose students to healthy foods that go hand in hand with the nutritious foods served in the cafeteria each day. Topics focus on the USDA’s MyPlate food diagram, fitness and fun for a healthy heart, limiting sugar intake, eating a rainbow of colors of fruits and vegetables, and many other healthy topics. All lessons were created by a Registered Dietitian and are updated on a regular basis. Since 2012 HEA has been helping kids make healthy eating and lifestyle choices!


Healthy Ever After 2016-17

Lesson Materials & Handouts

Lesson #1 “Restaurant Round-Up – Finding Healthy Foods on the Menu!”

PowerPoint - Grades K-2

PowerPoint - Grades 3-5

Lesson #1 Script

10 Tips to Build a Healthy Meal

Choose MyPlate Coloring Sheet Grades K-2

Tips for Eating Out Grades 3-5

What are my Healthy Options Grades 3-5

When I Eat Out Worksheet Grades 3-5

Ruby's Diner Kids Menu Grades 3-5

Ruby's Diner Lunch/Dinner Menu Grades 3-5

Ruby's Diner Nutrition Info Grades 3-5

El Pollo Loco Menu Grades 3-5 


Lesson #2 “Healthy Whole Grains!”

PowerPoint - Grades K-2

PowerPoint - Grades 3-5

Lesson #2 Script

10 Tips to Make Half Your Grains Whole

Grains Worksheet K-2

Getting Enough Whole Grains Coloring Page K-2

Grains Activity & Tips 3-5

Grains Word Search 3-5

Fiesta Quinoa Salad Recipe

Shop Smart Food Labels

Cooking Grains With Your Rice Cooker

Storing Whole Grains


Lesson #3 “Healthy Food From Around the World!”

PowerPoint - Grades K-5

Lesson #3 Script

Healthy Food from Around the World Handout

Guacamole Recipe

Salmon Recipe

10 Tips to Enjoy Foods from Many Cultures



Lesson #4 “Food for Fitness!”

PowerPoint - Grades K-2

PowerPoint - Grades 3-5

Lesson #4 Script

10 Tips To Be an Active Family

10 Tips MyPlate Snack Tips for Parents 

10 Tips Be a Fit Kid

I Can Be Fit & Healthy Activity K-2

I Can Be Fit & Healthy Activity 3-5

Fuel Up to be Active Word Scramble 3-5